december in varanasi

The dimly lit ghats, the serene flow of the river Ganga, the calls of ‘har-har Mahadev’ throughout the city, the high and mighty cows and their cow-dungs and the foreigners smoking pot here, there and everywhere make Varanasi, the most vibrant and timeless city of India. I also heard a man burp and follow it up with ‘Jai Sri Ram!’. A city, as old as history itself, Varanasi is witness to the migration of and subsequent settlement of Aryans in India. A city, that is regarded as the holiest of all the cities in the world. A city, where if you die, you qualify for all the shortcuts that take you to the heavens.
I went to Varanasi for a week in December and unexpectedly it became an experience worth remembering. The narrow alleys have a different charm in itself.  I met an interesting photographer named Andy there. He is from Congo and he is among the most interesting people I have ever met. He was a lawyer at first then became a trekking guide and now he travels and photographs most of the time.

There are tea stalls at every corner and this is something that I badly miss in Delhi, my present home. The most important thing I noticed was that the people are really chilled out most of the time.The main roads are also narrow and they are always busy and people are always in a rush yet nobody honks.

All the ghats are connected and there is a different sense of peace that one experiences in here by just observing river Ganges flowing. Varanasi offers a spiritually enriching experience that is absolutely breathtaking. I won’t write more and just let you see the photographs.



varanasi arghyadeep roy

Varanasi Arghyadeep Roy

varanasi Arghyadeep Roy
Kids playing with Lattu
Dogs in Varanasi Arghyadeep Roy
Dogs in Varanasi
Varanasi Arghyadeep Roy
musilm boy in Varanasi
Muslim boy in Varanasi

Varanasi Arghyadeep Roy

monkey in Varanasi
december in varanasi

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