Two Moroccans in Delhi

Youssef and Mouhcine

I have never seen a city this populated in my life. There is so much of vitality and energy in the city that you see people going everywhere.Traveling in the metro is such an experience, I never thought that a transport agent would push us in the metro because there is no place inside the compartment, really special experience.

Youssef Tazi

What we have in Morocco something really close to the Old Delhi, but I have to confess that Old Delhi is way more intense. So many religions are living in the same area and what is wonderful in this country is to see the tolerance between religions and ethnic groups.

Arghyadeep Roy

Staying in a local environment, in Roy’s family house is a nice experience. Being with him made everything so easy and visiting the city was a pleasure, he showed us the best places and the best Indian dishes. His mom was really nice with us and made us feel really comfortable like if we were in our home. His dog is lovely and really sociable.

Jama masjid was also amazing, even the huge human activity around. The India Gate and the Park around were really nice to visit. After our long and tiring day, we decided to rest a bit there. It’s lovely to see all the green spaces in and around Delhi.

The next day, we went to Hauz Khas. It is a kind of a hipster village. We really liked it. The fort close to it is a very laid back place, and the landscape is also really beautiful. We also had the opportunity to eat in the ‘Social Cafe’ with a wonderful view of a lake. The food was amazing. We felt that the ambiance was modern and cool  there and also realised that the hipster movement is becoming international.

Youssef Tazi

Kunzum Cafe

I loved the concept of the Kunnzum cafe, being able to pay whatever we want after taking a coffee or a tea. It’s a really nice place for reading a book and chilling after a long walk. I definitely recommend Hauz Khas for every person looking for inspiration.

In conclusion, New Delhi is extremely populated. But Mouhcine and I felt good that people are so open minded and it changes our perspective on the women’s situation in India.  And we definitely loved the Indian food!

Youssef TaziThis is a Guest Blog post by Youssef Tazi from Morocco. He is an Industrial Engineer by profession and a traveller, trekker by passion. He has travelled extensively in Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and his home country- Morocco. He even went on a bicycle trip for 45 days! Click here to check his blog post on it and click here to check his facebook page.



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