20 Reasons To Go For Trekking

20 reasons to go for trekking


20 reasons to go for trekking

1.) Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone:
All the fun surely begins at the end of your comfort zone. While trekking you won’t find those big bedrooms, luxurious Cars, trendy Gadgets, unlimited Wi-fi, fine dining restaurants. Packaged food, Open bathrooms, Sweating, Dust, Sleeping in a tent sometimes with insects and mosquitoes. Yes, it is something which will take you out of your comfort zone but will still make you smile.

2.) To Breathe in Fresh Air: There are no roads. At a certain elevation, the bus line ends and it’s time to start walking. Away from the towns, on the open trail, far from the industrial hive the freshness can be felt as well as smelled and tasted.

3.) Technology Detox:
When you are thousands of feet high, nothing can reach you. Take a break from all the intoxicating individuals in your life, your work, the internet and find yourself indulging in some quiet tranquil introspection, pondering over life and what future plans you have for yourself

4.) Meeting New People:kedarkantha campfire You will meet a great deal of new and fascinating individuals all through your journey. From the villagers, for whom living in the high mountains is a lifestyle to individuals from your own particular trekking group. Amid open campfires, your guides will have a ton of strange stories to share starting from ghosts to wild creatures they have experienced.

5.) To Realize That Life is Simple:Simple Life
You will acknowledge how complex we have made our lives. We simply require a little house, two pairs of clothes and food three times a day to lead a satisfactory life. Be that as it may, we have all turned into a part of the rat race at the expense of our mental peace. The people who live high up in the mountains need to manage with so less because the effort needed to transport goods is excessive. Yet their straightforward way of life will make you envious.

6.) To Realize That Traveling Slowly And Happily is Better Than To Arrive:
Trek just not to reach the destination, but rather to understand that to travel gradually and joyfully is superior to arrive. Appreciate the view, melt yourself in that excellence, snicker on yourself that yes, you are doing it for your own particular self, listen to your own heartbeats, listen to that voice within you saying that you are an insane excellent soul.

7.) To See What You Will Look Like in 10 Years:
The dry air at high altitude turns the lines from the frowns you make while trekking into wrinkles all over. An absence of showering and preparing, adds imprints to your face. The sausage fingers, fuzzy hair, cracked lips, dirty nails, smelly armpits and regularly a general zombie-like expression gives you an uglier, ignored and  aged version of yourself.

8.) Makes You Mentally Strong:
People think trekking is simple. Believe me, I have seen individuals who are a beast in the gym, yet surrender after hiking for a couple of minutes on a trek. For Trekking you require something more, you need to make yourself rationally solid to take a climb. Hiking is physically as well as mentally challenging task.

9.) To realize that your competition is not others but your own fears:kedarkantha snow trek
When you go out to climb a mountain that instant you really confront such a variety of obstacles, you really see that it is not as simple as you thought. You understand that your opposition is not others but rather your own reasons for alarm. So Go for broke And Overcome Your Apprehensions.

10.) To Take a Journey Into Yourself:Arghyadeep Roy
Trekking is for all personality types. While introverts can open up with small talks, the extroverts acquainted  get to their “silent” side. Yes, the natural setting all around is beautiful. But it is the exploration of my own person that was most valuable to me when I laid back and looked up at the stars in the emptiness of the sky. Trust me, you will never be the same person after your each and every trek.

11.) You Learn To Live in The Present:
You don’t consider your future and your past as you take a trek. Since If you  keep constantly looking towards your summit or even think about it, then there is 99% of chance that you can lose the hold on your strides effectively and face a mishap. Hiking teaches you to simply concentrate all alone on your footsteps and live in the moment to achieve the destination smoothly.

12.) You Become More Observant:

Yes, you become more observant of nature, the people, everything going around you and to life. You start noticing certain details and realize how many beautiful things we miss in our daily lives. You start paying attention to simpler things.

13.) To Stay Fit:
While trekking, your whole attention is on the excellence of the surroundings that you get presented to. You have a tendency to overlook the way that you are really blazing calories all the while.

14.) Because You Value Experiences More:
Cumulus clouds

Significantly what you gain from a trek are experiences. Experiences that develops you as an individual, that widen your horizon and make you a better person.

15.) It is Peaceful Out There:
Away from the daily hustle in the mountains where the air is purer than heaven, it surely feels peaceful out there. The mountains automatically make you calm down and you realize that heaven is a myth but mountains are real.

16.) To Test Your Limits:
Trekking is a test of endurance and inner strength. As you walk and hike, you stretch your physical limits and it gives you a rough idea of your physical quotient. You will discover your strengths and weaknesses not just physically but emotionally too.

17.) Become a Story Teller: 
Trekker will have a story- reality or fiction, to enliven you. An account of an untold past. Another future that might never happen. On the other hand, might be so grasping for your heart to skirt a beat. Story sufficiently intriguing to put you to rest. For some, it’s a ballad each time they trek. It’s simply the grand excellence that touches off the fire.

18.) To Camp:

kedarkantha camp site
Some people hate camping. It’s cold, it’s cramped and it’s boring. But there is peace in a night within nature that one can’t get over. Camping forced me away from my computer, my phone, and the worldly wise web. Camping forced me to be alone in my thoughts, my ideas, and my imagination.

19.) To Witness The Highest Mountains:
Panoramic view of the Himalayas

The panorama and view that a trek in the Himalayas provide is spectacular. Under the scintillation heavens, the mountains instill a little paradise on Earth, with every man that treads there an adventurer, every picture a myth, reflected into a reality by the multichromatic vision of the lenses

20.) Because It’s Worth The Struggle:

There is power in being a voyager in the face of the earth’s beauty. There’s something honest about the journey: There is humility in the struggle. Also, there ïs esteem in the prize when you leave the shadows inside of the splits of the earth to reveal excellence inside of the world, and yourself, that you didn’t know existed.












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